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ANDRITZ – Feed and Biofuel Division is located in Muncy, Pennsylvania, USA, and is a global leader in the engineering, design, manufacture, and after-market servicing of equipment serving the pet-food, livestock-feed, and aqua-feed industries, the biofuel sector, and other industrial markets.  

In addition to designing and building key, individual-process machines, ANDRITZ offers complete plant solutions – from raw-materials intake to the bagging of finished products – for the global animal-feed and biomass-pelleting industries.

With more than 125 years of experience in supplying animal-feed producers with reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective processing equipment, ANDRITZ is uniquely positioned in the marketplace. Our feed solutions are designed to keep pace with continually increasing environmental standards, hygiene regulations, and food-safety-traceability requirements and are optimized to meet uniform quality standards and accommodate the shifting availability of product ingredients.

ANDRITZ also designs and builds individual process machines and can offer complete, biofuel-pellet plant solutions for the global, renewable-energy sector. Our high-output, reliable pellet mills convert biomass into energy fuel pellets, while efficiently controlling pellet quality and optimizing energy consumption. Our products are engineered to meet the requirements of forestry groups, energy companies, and the wood industry as well as industrial and financial investors.  

Known for their rugged durability and innovation, ANDRITZ’ Feed & Biofuel products include machines and components for pneumatic conveying, such as rotary valves, as well as size reduction, dry-materials separation, mixing, and pelleting equipment for numerous applications in the chemical, industrial, food, and plastics industries as well as feed and grain markets.

Our agglomeration, size-reduction, size-classification, and mixing equipment includes:

  • Gear-Drive, Belt-Drive, and Quick-Change Cartridge Pellet Mills
  • Pellet Mill Auto Lubrication Systems
  • Feed Screws, Conditioners, and Expanders
  • Pet Food and Aqua Feed Extruders
  • Counterflow and Horizontal coolers and Cooler-Air Systems
  • Controlled Retention Time Units
  • Disc/Attrition Mills and Degerminators/Refiners
  • Germ Separation Sets
  • Double Agitator Mixers (Pug Mills)
  • Hammer Mills and Hammer Mill Air Systems
  • Crumblers
  • Roto-Shaker Screeners (Dry Screeners)
  • Rotary Feed Cleaners, Rotary Valves, and Rotary Knife Cutters
  • Batch Mixers
  • Vacuum and Fat Coaters
  • Micro Fluid Addition Systems

The largest manufacturer of pellet-mill dies and rolls in the world, ANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel division also maintains a robust inventory of OEM-engineered, easily exchangeable spare parts.  We also offer roller rebuilding, crumble-roll recorrugation services, die and machine reconditioning, reworking/rebuilding facilities, field service and repairs, and materials testing.

All ANDRITZ solutions are backed by expert technical consulting, engineering design services, installation, and world-class, after-market support.  

The Feed and Biofuel division within ANDRITZ is comprised of many different industry leaders which have been acquired and merged into one common, stronger group.  You may recognize some of our past names:

  • ABB Sprout-Bauer, Inc.
  • Bauer
  • CE Bauer
  • Combustion Engineering
  • Jesma
  • Jesma-Matador
  • Koppers Co.
  • Sprout-Bauer
  • Sprout-Matador
  • Sprout-Waldron
  • TS UMT
  • UMT

ANDRITZ Feed, Biofuel is a subsidiary of ANDRITZ, Inc., and its parent company ANDRITZ AG, Graz Austria.




336 West Penn St

Muncy, PA 17756

United States


+1 (570) 546 1253


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